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Entertainment Kit; Part the 2nd (knitting 1st)


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Star app: Sort of like 'Shazam' for the Universe.

I have been downloading from Rapidshare. Interesting. I think Rapidshare *is* the Universe.

And I just realized that all my life I've expected every person who ever witnessed a mistake of mine to show up and blame me for it--all together in a circle, even the people who live in Amelia, Ohio, or are dead, or both. Clearly too much reading as a child.

You're right. Tours are one thing. Tours with shots, quite another.

Thank you so much for your advice on mints and cucumbers. And, my goodness, that final tomato! Smart little fella!

Love the socks.

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  • Portraitof "M"
    Never insist on having your own way. Merely have it, and say nothing."


  • Socks that house knit
    I am a sock machine. Not that I churn them out, no, but in the way I wear them, multiple pairs at a time when on location, with toe warmers. Love me some wind chill. Warm ankles go a long way towards happiness.


  • Beetle for the boy
    Sometimes they're drawn or painted. Sometimes they're 3-d and scrunchy. They belong on the ground and are made to play with.