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Entertainment Kit; Part the 2nd (knitting 1st)


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Those are wonderful. I love pink and green together. Something to remind you of those flowering trees that shed all too soon. Some sadist read that poem on the radio, the one about 'of my threescore years and ten, twenty will not come again' (the point is that his assumedly remaining fifty springs would not be too many to look at the cherry blossoms). Depressed me no end. I am resolved to see at least one more Spring in D.C., where it is almost unbearably Springy in Spring. Thank you, Lady Bird Johnson.

And you will wear that ditsy girly stuff when you damn well feel like it. :-)

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    Never insist on having your own way. Merely have it, and say nothing."


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    I am a sock machine. Not that I churn them out, no, but in the way I wear them, multiple pairs at a time when on location, with toe warmers. Love me some wind chill. Warm ankles go a long way towards happiness.


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    Sometimes they're drawn or painted. Sometimes they're 3-d and scrunchy. They belong on the ground and are made to play with.