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Entertainment Kit; Part the 2nd (knitting 1st)


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Still can't read any but the beginning of the first line of each paragraph. Makes for kind of an Evelyn Wood experience. Later this evening I'll look on the mac for the whole post; have to get going now. Coming on Wed.?

This is so bizarre. I copied what I saw of this post and the copy when pasted below, showed substantially more of the post than I can read on the blog. If I could move the window aside I could read it...but even then it does stop at the end as shown here:

In which I report nothing of fiber, barely anything of work (a week of fool moon hell which is best left in the rear view mirror) and some talk of why I think this town is so fine.

Today's post comes from the newly cool, quiet, and breezy kitchen. A friend schlepped up the valley to install a ceiling fan in place of the vintage florescent fixture that sang to it’s own tune. The difference is very civilized. The light is a better color and doesn’t sound like a dentist’s drill. Ahh, lovely peace and quiet.

Tomorrow is set for the day lily lift. A little rain tonight would be welcome. One would hope the humidity should have the decency or the shame to coalesce in the night and soak in to the ground where it would be of some use.

Last summer I had placed some day lilies in foster care with a friend here in town in the eventual hopes of having a home for them (friends to visit, day lilies to stay). It has all worked out better than I had imagined and tomorrow the day lilies come home.

My gracious day lily host mother has also invited me for supper. Desert is my responsibility. A responsibility which I take very seriously and have researched strenuously here in the Hudson Valley in the midst of a heat wave that is … inspiring. Inspires one to thoughts of cool, perhaps even frozen goals.

With the assistance and advice of our Albuquerque correspondent (Thanks Maude!) who was in town last week the local ice creameries and paleteria have been canvassed and found up to the task. Slipping in to the back of a crowd at The Beacon Creamery (where I have a frequent pint card - ice cream is full of calcium y’all.) provided a few laughs at the mayhem but no real results could be expected in the middle of the ‘sprinkles and fizz” crowd. It was JAMMED. There was intramural ice creamery going on and the wise course was one of retreat to return another time.

Now Paletarias (Mexican Ice pops) are new to me. Allow me to tell you - rush. Zora Dora’s pops here in fine Beacon are I-T, it. If Zora Dora’s had been open when I was looking for a house I would have settled for a studio apartment upstairs from this place. Gourmet ice-pops. Today’s brilliance was a cucumber and mint blend that ultimately allowed me to keep my wits about me. Very refreshing. Woo hoo. This is a keeper. Micro-batched. If you find one you love - stock up. They also have a No-Dropped-Pops-Policy. I boggled the first one coming out of the bag and my foolishness was comforted with a very kind replacement. The stick end of the bag is open y’all, no need to tear in to it. Just so ya know.

Having stopped at The Kone King roadside ice cream stand to start the games off I feel I have A)Supported the local economy, and B) satisfied my daily calcium requirement.

Part of today's mission statement was to load up on some

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