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Entertainment Kit; Part the 2nd (knitting 1st)


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If you love it as a single, then do that. Just don't knit it into anything requiring hard use. How about a lace wall hanging?

Boy, when you get inspired, you fly.

I think the singles or the Navajo do the nicest thing to the colors. The two ply is muddier, to my eye, and the four ply could be even more diffuse. It would be more stable, however. The stability thing is mostly gained through tighter twist, but of course, there is a small line between enough twist to keep the fibers from fleeing, and making wire.

I am fond of the results of the Navajo plying myself.

Speaking of plying, I spent the afternoon yesterday trying out different spinning wheels at a lovely store called Twist. I managed to get out of there without purchasing one, but they have asked me to come back and do a book signing soon and I am not sure my willpower will hold up to repeated exposure to the pretty little Minstrel wheel that wants to jump into my car...

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