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Entertainment Kit; Part the 2nd (knitting 1st)


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Oooh. I found you while egosurfing (Pathetic, no?)

I'm working in Aurora as well - but Aurora Bulky. A sweater for Vogue Knitting. How neat to run into you again!

What a cool location! Although I know it didn't make up for the two hideous days - at least you got good blog fodder.

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  • Portraitof "M"
    Never insist on having your own way. Merely have it, and say nothing."


  • Socks that house knit
    I am a sock machine. Not that I churn them out, no, but in the way I wear them, multiple pairs at a time when on location, with toe warmers. Love me some wind chill. Warm ankles go a long way towards happiness.


  • Beetle for the boy
    Sometimes they're drawn or painted. Sometimes they're 3-d and scrunchy. They belong on the ground and are made to play with.