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I have a theory about string


Natural Science illustrator; Type fern species by spore shape? Differentiate everygreens by their stomata? Follow the link above. Lions, and tigers and bears. Ok. the bears and lions will show up later.
Costume dyer & painter for Broadway, Film and TV industries. Specialty; Color matching for restoration, conservation and duplication. Also ruining clothes - dirt, age, blood. Dog years and clothing years run about the same.
At age 8 straight needles and a ball of yarn where handed to me. I want to believe the intention was for me to teach myself to knit. That's what I did anyway.
Greatest color theory lesson from my dye/color mentor - "Here, you know how to do this. It needs to be finished and dry by 7:30 tonight. Don't screw it up."


travel, knitting, spinning, art, dali, natural history, chihuly, reading, monet, douglas adams, van gogh, vonnegut, color theory, twain, w.s. burroughs, kandinsky, fred sandback, magritte. textile conservation.